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I have savings and life insurance, why do I need a Funeral Plan?

A Pre Paid Funeral Plan will guarantee to cover the cost of the funeral services included in your plan, no matter how much prices rise or how long you live. Other savings or investments can not do this. Also, financial companies won't organise your funeral - your Funeral Plan provider will.

How can I pay for my plan?

You have a choice of paying for your plan with a single lump sum or spreading the cost over a period up to 25 years. Typically plans taken out over a term greater than 12 months will incur an instalment fee (some providers allow up to 36 months)

How does a Funeral Plan work?

Funeral Plans work in that the money a customer pays for their plan is invested in a ring-fenced trust fund or life insurance policy. Through the investment the monies grow in value over the course of the Plan holder’s lifetime. Then when the Plan holder passes away, monies are released and paid to the funeral director who will conduct the funeral as agreed, exactly as you want it.

Is burial more expensive than cremation?

Typically yes. Although the funeral directors fees for arranging and conducting a cremation or burial funeral may be similar the price of a burial plot can differ significantly due to regional variations in cost, If you know which cemetery you wish to be buried in we can check the costs for you.

Can I nominate a specific funeral director to undertake my funeral?

The choice of Funeral Director varies with provider. Some providers use only a small number of funeral directors whilst others own or work with a large number across the country and provide a wider choice. We will work with you to ensure we recommend the right option for you.

I have changed my mind. Can I get a refund?

If you change your mind within the initial 30-day cooling off period, then you are eligible to receive a full, no-quibble, refund. Typically, if you change your mind after the initial 30-day cooling off period, you will be required to pay a cancellation fee, which will be deducted from your refund. Providers charges vary and we will ensure you are fully aware of these before you buy a plan

What if the plan-holder dies while abroad or away from home?

If you die anywhere within the UK, any additional mileage above the allowance in the plan will be payable by the plan-holder's family / representatives directly to the funeral director, and will be charged in accordance with the funeral director's own payment terms for mileage at that time. If you die while abroad, unless your plan includes a contribution towards repatriation, then it will not cover bringing your body back to the UK. However, in most cases, repatriation is covered by travel insurance.

What happens if I pass away before I have finished paying my plan?

Your provider guarantees the price and arrangements in the plan you choose provided that the person arranging your funeral pays any remaining balance in full. Certain providers will pay the unsettled balance depending on the payment terms chosen.

What if my plan provider goes out of business?

Some plan providers, like Dignity, protect your money by investing it in an independently managed national trust fund which the provider does not have access to. Others invest money in a whole of life insurance plan. We will ensure you are fully aware of these before you buy a plan.

Can I add "Special Requests" to the plan?

With some providers, additional requests can be added to the plans at any time by the plan holder. Some requests may incur an additional charge which will be calculated at the time of the change. We will ensure you are fully aware of your options before you buy a plan.

Why do you work with your chosen providers?

As specialists in the industry, we analyse the funeral plan market and choose the providers that offer the best solutions for our clients. It is important we understand your preferences and requirements before we recommend which one of our carefully selected providers is the best fit for your needs.

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